How to make wrinkles with makeup

Makeup has been into use for about a thousand years. This plays both positive as well as negative role. Egyptians used makeup to enhance their outlook. There are different modes of makeup which even drives your age from 10-90 and so on. You can make wrinkles with makeup, which shows you old and scary. To make a wrinkled make you need to follow some steps.

To do old lady makeup you need:

  1. Wide flat brushes
  2. Small flat brush
  3. Shadow
  4. Highlighting powders
  5. Eyeliner pencils
  6. Foundation cream

When you get ready with these things you should be sure about the product that you use. Use only products which have high quality. Check for the date of manufacturing.

  • At first to make a creepy make up you need to tie your hair tightly without leaving any hair to the front.
  • Wash your face before applying foundation so that the face will be fresh.
  • The foremost job to be done is making a good basement for your face. So that foundation cream is applied to the entire face to make face even.
  • If you feel that your face is greasy, you have to use a primer to bring an even tone.
  • Now in the white background, black highlights will look as like shadow for old-age makeup.


Starting from the top of the face will help you from smudge. Highlighting must be started first followed by that shadow must be done.  Highlighting must be in an inky manner and shadow must be lighter. The eyebrow has to be raised to get wrinkles in the forehead. Draw highlighting lines in those wrinkles. Now draw a shadow line underneath to the highlighted line. Blend the shadow line and not the highlighted line.


The lid of the eye has to be highlighted. Start from the end, crease must be done it must look like hanging. To get bend shadows to draw it in a downward direction. To sunken it more shadows has to be drawn. With the help of highlighter lower lid has to be drawn. It will look like “U”.

old-age makeup


Highlight the front portion of the nose. For bigger nostrils highlight the place where nose and cheeks meet. Likewise, carry the same process for cheeks too.


Bottom lip has to be colored with normal lip color and top lip with dark color. Add contouring to highlight the nearby area. The same procedure has to be carried out in the jaw region.

Now your face is completely ready. You can follow this makeup to look old.