Making yourself crying on a command

To cry on the spot for no reason is a tough job. Laughing, crying, and anger everything bursts out only when you feel for it to happen. It can’t make to be done when someone asks you to do so in front of many people or cameras.

Feelings become true when it is been felt from the bottom of the heart. Beyond this, the actors must cry with a compulsion to show honest performance. Some people can cry easily without any reason, while some can cry thinking about their problems and some cannot cry even after thinking about anything because they are left far away from their memories.

Keep yourself hydrated

When you drink more water it will be easy for you to cry. If you are dehydrated then there won’t be any water content in your body to come out. So when you force yourself to cry it will be easy for the water to come out.

When your mind decides an emotion to happen it will surely happen even if you control but when it doesn’t then it won’t don’t force for it to happen. Some people will be emotionally weak they be more sensitive that they couldn’t control their tears even for a small mistake.

Whenever you cry think of what made you emotional so that you can draw those things back in the future. Be in the wide distance with your sorrow-filled memories. Being bold will help you from emotions. When you make yourself cry on command it will be more difficult to do so and if that becomes fake it won’t show any sort of real emotions. Things that are done from the heart will be real without any fake mixture.

cry on the spot

Two ways are there to cry on cue.

  • One thing is to let your eyes open for some time and make it dry so that automatically tears will come out due to dryness.
  • Another method is by thinking of an upsetting memory which will make you bring tears so easily. There are different types of cry in which you cry in happiness too.

When a person has to cry for a scene he/she will think about the old things happened in their life which makes them remember all those and burst out of tears. For writing stories the author made himself get pushed into misery to write creative and realistic sad stories. When you get vulnerable situation tears will automatically flow.