How to dress vintage & trendy mix outfit?

Retro style is an imitation of past lifestyle everything which includes behavior, style, etc., this in other word said to be as VINTAGE INSPIRED. Since 1960 it has been in use. The complete model of it will resemble the past. To dress retro style you need to change your outfits.

Synchronic hairstyle and makeup: On account of wearing retro style dress they look modern even if you don’t apply any cosmetics or hair dressings. Naturally, it will make you look modern. You can wear vintage clothes and put bun for hairdressing and any product for eyes to make them attractive.

Modern appendages: Clothing with modern shoes, makeup, accessories, bags, etc., is generally ground. It is easy to pick a color of your own choice from the garment and getting accessories matching to it. For every sparkling color, black accessories to it will show the trend of a past vintage garment.

vintage outfit

Vintage mix with trend: A small piece of old material can become a trend now. Attaching the old material along with the new one will bring out new innovative patterns. Mixing of old with new will probably is the easiest way to use the old material. This shows your style more unique, modern, etc. Modern vintage outfit will me you more comfortable.

Merging epoch: When you are dressed completely to a vintage model with the accessories matching it will be relevant. Mixing of the old with the new one will even bring a unique model which no one would have thought before. This brings more motivated to wearing vibrant colors.

How to dress vintage costume? At first select a piece from a vintage that gets attracts to your style. Think of the accessories and will that suite you and then select it or else you will end up by not wearing it. Be confident while choosing.

wear vintage clothesMostly look for the pieces in classic style. You can make those pieces join together and bring out a new style which will be in trend always.

Main thing to be focused on is the material which you choose. Materials such as cotton, wool will have the capacity to withstand for a long period even after washing it many times. But materials like synthetic will get torn or it cannot be used for a long period.

You must be careful with the cloth before getting it the cloth must be examined making sure that it doesn’t have any strains, torn, paints, etc. Select the item which relates to the current trend.